Develop a survival pattern that lets you beat the enemies of survival. This survival pattern must include food, water, shelter, fire, first aid, and signals placed in order of importance. For example, in a cold environment, you would need a fire to get warm; a shelter to protect you from the cold, wind, and rain or snow; traps or snares to get food; a means to signal friendly aircraft; and first aid to maintain health. If injured, first aid has top priority no matter what climate you are in. Change your survival pattern to meet your immediate physical needs as the environment changes.

As you read through the information, keep in mind the keyword SURVIVAL and the need for a survival pattern.The keys to this preparation are contained in the Wilderness Surviving site many sensible, well-written, voluminous, and scattered publications. They address nearly every aspect of running, provisioning, or being in the survival situation, but they are especially useful for their tips on how to stay alive under any circumstances. The task of culling every bit of useful information about  survival from every survival publication would take months however, so I have done it here for you in Wilderness Surviving online blog produced by Googlean.

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